Design Build Testimonials

Dr. Dan and Deanna Forsythe

The team made the process simple, and saved us time and money in the process. We individualized our home’s exterior and interior to make it unique to us. The builder was outstanding in providing excellent quality, communication and professionalism throughout the entire building process. We would recommend the New Home Collection team to make your dream home a reality .

Ron & Luann Sweeney

We definitely recommend the NHC. It streamlines the process and speeds up your move-in date, while removing the anxiety and stress you’d deal with building a custom home all on your own. We didn’t have to go find an architect or a builder. The team was already in place—a very good team, I might add. When it was complete, we had several builder friends come do a walk-through. Each one said it was really well done and confirmed the quality was very high. The NHC team went to great lengths to make sure we were happy, and we got the beach home we always wanted.

Kevin & Lisa Pugh

It’s a no-brainer in terms of cost, stress, and time. We were able to get into the house much quicker going this route. One thing that really impressed us was the quality of the construction and the care the team put into the building of our house. They were very professional and easy to work with. And that’s important. Any time you build a home there will be unexpected developments, so you want a team that is responsive and committed to getting it done right. The New Home Collection made that happen. They really earned our trust.

Charles & Donna Salcetti

When you build a custom home, there are infinite decisions to be made and the whole process can take forever. With the New Home Collection, that was all streamlined. They have a great selection of plans to choose from, so you can find the one that best fits your homesite and lifestyle. And the team they put together is first-rate, very responsive and easy to work with. We made lots of changes and alterations to the interior, and spec’d different features and fixtures, and they were all very accommodating. The quality, of course, speaks for itself. It’s superb

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